Teaneck Swim Club, PO Box 148, Teaneck, NJ 07666

Welcome to the Teaneck Swim Club
The Board of Trustees of the Teaneck Swim Club is pleased to provide the following information related to the Teaneck Swim Club.
The annual meeting of the Teaneck Swim Club will take place tonight, February 1st at 8:00 PM in Room 205 of the Teaneck High School (100 Elizabeth Ave)..
The agenda and proposed budget for 2016 can be found here

Current Schedule: Click here for May 2015 Newsletter
May 23-June 21 Open Weekends from 10am to 8pm
June 23rd - September 6th Open Daily from 10am to 8pm
September 7th (Labor Day) Open from 10am to 5pm

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The Board of Trustees welcomes back our current members as we prepare for the 2016 swim season, and we invite all Teaneck residents to apply for membership.

The Teaneck Swim Club is located at 700 Pomander Walk in Teaneck.

The facilities of the Teaneck Swim Club include three pools (one general swimming pool and diving area, one lap pool and one kiddie pool) a basketball court, a volleyball court, two tennis courts, locker rooms, snack bar, and free wireless Internet access.

Swimming lessons
Swimming lessons are provided for both groups and individuals. Training is provided for all swim levels. The Swim Club is an authorized provider for American Red Cross Swim Programs.

An Aquacise class for adults is offered during the week, starting in July.

Membership is open to all persons residing in Teaneck. The Teaneck Swim Club membership consists of full time family members, senior citizen family members (65 or older) and weekday guest family members. The full time family members are bond holders. Senior citizen family members and weekday guest family members pay annual dues, but are not bond holders. Weekday guest family memberships are offered to persons who are on the waiting list.

Renewal Applications for Existing Members
Current members of the Teaneck Swim Club may obtain the renewal form for the current season either at the Teaneck Swim Club or via download at this link: TSC_Form_2015.pdf (fillable pdf file).

Applications for New Members
Residents of Teaneck wishing to apply for membership in the Teaneck Swim Club are invited to write to the Teaneck Swim Club, P.O. Box 148, Teaneck, NJ 07666 requesting an application. Applications are also available at the Teaneck Swim Club or via download at this link: 2015 APPLICATION_FOR_MEMBERSHIP.pdf (fillable pdf file). Completed applications are mailed to the address shown in the application with a check in the amount of $100 (the "WAITING LIST DEPOSIT") to secure your place on the waiting list.

When a person is advised that a full-time membership is available, they will be asked to pay the cost of first year membership. This includes:
$600 bond payment
$150 application fee (the "WAITING LIST DEPOSIT" + $50) (non-refundable),

Regular Membership
$450 annual dues per family
$430 annual dues per couple
$380 annual dues per single
$200 caregiver / babysitter (may only enter with member present)

Senior Membership
$345 annual dues per single
$395 annual dues per couple

Weekday Membership
First Year: $100 Non-Refundable deposit + Regulard dues structure
Second Year: Regular dues structure
After two years: $200 bond can be transferred toward full-time membership OR Remain Weekday by adding $100 to Regular dues

7% NJ Sales Tax applies to all dues.
Each year thereafter, annual dues are charged and payable by March 25th. When a full time member resigns their membership they will receive a refund of the $600 bond, as per the By-Laws. Annual dues are established by the Board of Trustees. Full time family members, senior citizen family members and guest family members pay the same annual dues.

We now offer the ability to pay membership fees online with a credit card. A credit card procesing charge (approx. 3%) will be included for all credit card payments.
Please note that renewal forms are still required
Pay Online via Credit Card

When a person is advised that a full-time membership is available, they will be asked to pay the cost of the bond. The cost of the bond is $600 plus a $50 processing fee, thus requiring a payment of $650. When a full time member resigns their membership they will receive a refund of $600.

Swim season
The Teaneck Swim Club opens on Memorial Day weekend and subsequent weekends through the last weekend in June. Thereafter, the Club is open every day through Labor Day.

Contact information
Please call Mr. Al Taliaferro, Manager of the Teaneck Swim Club, at 201-836-1977 to arrange a visit to the club or Mrs. Carol Otis at 201-836-1810 for membership information and applications.

Board of Trustees (click to email):
President: Art Degenholtz
Vice President: Carl Hausman
Recording Secretary: Jane Fuccillo
Treasurer: Arthur Wein
Financial Secreatry: Carol Otis
Lawrence Fishman
Anna Brown
Brad Pittson
Keith Kaplan
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The Board of Trustees
Teaneck Swim Club

“I obviously credit the sport with giving me back my life, seeing my four children all get married, and now I swim with my ten grandchildren at the Teaneck Swim Club in the summer.”

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