Teaneck Swim Club, PO Box 148, Teaneck, NJ 07666

Welcome to the Teaneck Swim Club
The Board of Trustees of the Teaneck Swim Club is pleased to provide the following information related to the Teaneck Swim Club.

2020 Opening Day was Monday, June 22nd

The Teaneck Swim Club is now open for the 2020 season. The Club is normally open every day through Labor Day, but his year we hope to remain open a bit longer. we will update the site as we know more.

Pool Hours

Monday thru Saturday:

Session 1 12 Noon – 3:30 pm (bathrooms will be locked at 3:30)
CLOSED 3:30 – 4:00 pm
Session 2 4:00 pm – 7:30 pm (bathrooms will be locked at 7:30)

Sunday: (3 Sessions):
Session 1 12 Noon – 2:30 pm (bathrooms will be locked at 2:30 pm)
CLOSED 2:30 – 3:00 pm
Session 2 3:00 – 5:30 pm (bathrooms will be locked at 5:30 pm)
CLOSED 5:30 - 6:00 pm
Session 3 6:00 – 7:30 pm (bathrooms will be locked at 7:30 pm)

LAP POOL ONLY - In Addition to the hours stated above:
Monday thru Friday:

Early Bird 7-8 am

Monday thru Sunday:
Morning Swim 10am – 12 Noon
(During these times, the club is open for adult lap swimming only. The lap pool is open; the grounds are closed)

Lap pool restriction: 1 swimmer per lane; the swimmer may be limited to 30 minutes or less when others are waiting to swim.

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A Message from the Board about Mandatory Waivers

Dear Members,

Although we are excited to open the swim club on June 22, 2020, there is an issue that must be addressed, and we need the cooperation of all of our members to address it. We all know how potentially serious and contagious the virus that causes Covid-19 is. And in spite of the precautions we are taking, someone may still contract the disease, or believe that they have contracted the disease at the club. The officers and trustees of a non-profit corporation like the Teaneck Swim Club can under some circumstances be held personally liable for failures on the part of the corporation. And while the club does carry insurance to protect us, the policy may not protect us in this case.

Therefore we are asking the members to sign a waiver promising not to sue the officers and trustees, or for that matter any individuals including the employees, other members or guests, because it is not fair to expose the officers, trustees, employees and other individuals to legal liability when we are all trying to do our best under difficult circumstances. Other clubs are asking for waivers which waive liability against the club as well. And while we obviously don’t want anyone to sue the club, we are also trying not to overreach.

Frankly, without this waiver, many of the trustees are unwilling to continue as trustees and will resign their posts, which will make it difficult for the club to operate. Therefore no members or guests will be admitted to the club grounds this season without first signing a waiver and acknowledgement of the special COVID-19 rules. The instructions for completing the waivers are detailed below. We are doing our best to make this process as easy for our members as we can.

The Board of Trustees of the Teaneck Swim Club

To view, download or print the waiver document that everyone must sign prior to the first admittance, and the various documents referred to in the waiver, click on the applicable links
Waiver document
Rules of the Swim Club developed in agreement with Teaneck Health Department
Governor Murphy’s Executive Order #153
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines
The New Jersey Department of Health COVID-19 Outdoor Pool Standards

To complete the waivers from the comfort of your home, you can download and print one copy of the waiver for each person 18 or over that is part of your membership, and each person must write their name, sign and date their copy of the document. In addition, one parent or guardian must include the second page listing the full names of children on the membership, and other required information, and sign and date it. You may then scan the documents with a computer or smartphone, and attach the documents to an email with the subject: "Waivers for Member # xxx", including your member number which can be found on your card, and send it to waivers@teaneckswimclub.org. Please give us a day to process the waiver and get you on the list of folks that have submitted valid waivers.

Anyone who can't do this by email will be accommodated by appointment.

If you are doing this in person by appointment, please be sure to bring your membership cards with you, as a sticker will be placed on each card covered by a waiver. If you don't have cards, a document will be provided that you will need when your cards are created by the staff. If you have not paid your dues yet, you may bring a check with you, together with an application for membership or a renewal form which can be found near the bottom of this web page. Late fees are waived.

The Teaneck Swim Club invites members to bring guests, using guest passes, which may be purchased, provided that waivers for the guests are completed and emailed by 8PM the night before according to these instructions.

The guest, or for children under 18, the parent of the guest, must be provided with the waiver document and the other documents listed below, either by the member or by accessing these documents themselves.
Waiver document for guests
Rules of the Swim Club developed in agreement with Teaneck Health Department
Governor Murphy’s Executive Order #153
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines
The New Jersey Department of Health COVID-19 Outdoor Pool Standards

The waiver document itself must be downloaded and printed, one copy for each person 18 or over that will be a guest on a given day, and the guest must write their name legibly, as well as the member's member #, and sign and date their copy of the document themselves in their own handwriting. No computer generated signatures, please. Only the first page of the document is required for adult guests who are not accompanied by any of their own children. For children, one copy of the waiver for the parent and for multiple children of the same parent can be used. The parent must fill out both pages of the waiver document completely and legibly, except for the member attestation section at the bottom of the second page, and sign and date their copy of the document themselves in their own handwriting, regardless of whether the parent will also be a guest or not. The member attestation, which is only required for guests that are minor children must be completed by the member, after the parent has completed the rest, and signed in the member's own handwriting. If the parent and the member are not able to be together to do this, it may require emailing or otherwise delivering the portion of the waiver completed by the parent to the member, who will then have to print it, complete the attestation and sign it. The member or the guest may then scan the documents with a computer or smartphone (no low res photos), and attach the documents to an email with the subject: "Waivers for Guest of Member # xxx", including the member number which can be found on your card, and send it to waivers@teaneckswimclub.org. If the guest is sending the email, the guest should cc the member on the email. At entry to the club, the checkin staff will have a record of valid guest waivers by member number that were received before the 8PM deadline.

Once you have completed this procedure for a particular guest, and received an email acceptance, that particular guest will be on the approved guest list for the entire season rather than for a specific date. If you bring waivers to the club on paper, the staff on duty may accept them, but there is no guarantee, and waivers which are accepted in person ar only good for that day, even for grandchildren of the member.

Covid-19 Information

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It has been a difficult time for everyone and we hope that the Swim Club will be a great experience this summer. However, the danger of COVID 19 is far from being over and we must all continue to do everything possible to make the Swim Club a safe environment for all of us.

To view, download or print the list of rules that everyone must follow in order for the Swim Club to remain open this specific season click here. These rules are strict and must be adhered to. Everyone must understand that these additional rules were created for OUR benefit so that we ALL remain safe and that the Swim Club is permitted to remain open. As you may know, many other facilities are not opening this season because they are unable to adhere to sufficient safety requirements. Through the hard work of our Manager, with the assistance of the Trustees, we have created protocols that will allow us to open this season.

We hope that you, as the members of the Swim Club, review the rules and assist us in implementing these procedures. We look forward to a great season. We hope that next year COVID 19 will be history and that we can relax many of these rules.

If you have not been receiving our email updates, please subscribe using the link above this section.

Please help the club to increase membership. You may have seen the flyer which promises new members a $25 discount, and no application fee or bond. The club is also offering an incentive to existing paid up members for bringing in a new member. When a new member you refer joins, you get a book of guest passes, and if the new member renews in 2021, you get a $50 discount on your 2021 dues. This incentive opportunity ends at the end of the day on Thursday July 23, 2020.

Special for 2020 - New Members Pay No Bond or Application Fee

Click to take our TSC Video Tour and Click to Visit Our Facebook Page

The Board of Trustees welcomes our current members and prospective new members as we prepare for the 2020 swim season. We invite all Teaneck residents to apply for membership.

The Teaneck Swim Club is located at 700 Pomander Walk in Teaneck.

The facilities of the Teaneck Swim Club include three pools (one general swimming pool and diving area, one lap pool and one kiddie pool) a basketball court, a volleyball court, two tennis courts, a pickleball court, locker rooms, snack bar, and free wireless Internet access.

Swimming lessons
Swimming lessons are provided for both groups and individuals. Training is provided for all swim levels. The Swim Club is an authorized provider for American Red Cross Swim Programs. However, in 2020, because of Covid-19 restrictions, the club will not be providing lessons.

Membership is open to all persons residing in Teaneck. The Teaneck Swim Club membership consists of full time (bonded) family members and senior citizen family members (65 or older). For 2020 a special "No Bond, No Application Fee" Membership is now offered to New Members.

Non-residents are invited to join the TSC. Click for Information.

Renewals for Existing Members
Current members of the Teaneck Swim Club receive the renewal form in the mail, or they may obtain the renewal form for the current season at the Teaneck Swim Club, or they may download it here: Renewal Form (fillable pdf file).

Applications for New Members
Residents of Teaneck wishing to apply for membership in the Teaneck Swim Club are invited to write to the Teaneck Swim Club, P.O. Box 148, Teaneck, NJ 07666 requesting an application. Applications are also available at the Teaneck Swim Club or via download here: Application for New Membership (fillable pdf file). Completed applications are mailed to the address shown in the application with a check for the membership fees.


For Current bonded members
$600 annual dues per family (plus $100 bond reduction = $700)
$511 annual dues per couple (plus $100 bond reduction = $611)
$427 annual dues per single (plus $100 bond reduction = $527)
Note: In 2020, for capital improvements to the club, a special one-time $100 bond balance deduction (for bonded members) has been made, regardless of whether membership is renewed, resigned or frozen.

For Current (non-bonded) senior citizen members
$611 annual dues per couple (includes $100 assessment)
$527 annual dues per single (includes $100 assessment)
Note: In 2020, for capital improvements to the club, a special one-time $100 capital assessment (for seniors) will be made.

For New Members
$700 annual dues per family
$611 annual dues per couple
$527 annual dues per single

New for 2020: Membership can be frozen for a $200 fee. This means that a member can skip a year of dues payment and club usage without resigning by paying a $200 freeze fee. If dues have already been paid but it is before opening day, dues will not be refunded, but the balance after the $200 freeze fee will be credited to the dues for the following year.You must notify the club in writing or by email, and if you have not already paid dues, you must remit the $200 fee. Your bond cannot be used as a source of the fee.

Note: New Members in 2020 pay NO BOND OR APPLICATION FEE. NJ Sales Tax is already included in all dues listed above.
Each year thereafter, annual dues are charged and payable by March 25th. When a current full time member resigns their membership they will receive a refund of their $500 bond balance, when replaced by a new member, as per the By-Laws. Annual dues are established by the Board of Trustees.

Application for New Membership (fillable pdf file)
Renewal Form (fillable pdf file)

Click here to request an invoice to pay online via credit card
A credit card procesing charge (approx. 3%) will be included for all credit card payments.
*** Please note that renewal forms are required ***

Board of Trustees
President: Art Degenholtz
Vice President: TBA
Recording Secretary: Karen Sacks
Treasurer: Arthur Wein
Trustees: Lawrence Fishman, Susan Berger-Turk, Keith Kaplan, Cheryl Shiber
Click to view the Annual Letter and 2020 budget
Click to view the TSC Rules, some of which are superceded by the Rules of the Swim Club developed in agreement with Teaneck Health Department
Click here for the Swimming Safety and Competition Resources

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Club Contact Information
Please contact Mr. Al Taliaferro, Manager of the Teaneck Swim Club, at 201-836-1977 to arrange a visit to the club and for membership information and applications.
You may email us with questions regarding the club.


The Board of Trustees
Teaneck Swim Club

“I obviously credit the sport with giving me back my life, seeing my four children all get married, and now I swim with my ten grandchildren at the Teaneck Swim Club in the summer.”

Arthur Wein | Read more: FASTLANE November/December 2014 by Linda Brown-Kuhn